Jane MacGregor

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My main work is acting as deputy when I’m appointed by the Court of Protection to manage the property and affairs of another person who lacks the capacity to manage them.

The age and level of capacity of the clients for whom I act varies greatly. Some are children, some are brain injured adults, some with learning difficulties and some older clients with various conditions which have affected their mental capacity.

I also act as a professional attorney or trustee assisting in the management of property and affairs.

A little about me.

It’s important that people who don’t have the ability to manage their affairs have the relevant networks made available to them for help and support. To me, the client is the most important person. I’m dedicated to making sure that they have a voice, are as involved as possible and at the centre of what decisions are made for the present and also the future.

I believe in a holistic approach, looking at the person as a whole, so that they have the opportunity to live life to the full. I feel that increasing the choices you have alongside making careful decisions can hopefully improve quality of life. 

My experience.

I joined the forerunner of Jackson Lees in 1989. With a background in Wills, Trusts and Estates, I work in the Court of Protection department. I’m a panel appointed deputy as well as an associate member of Solicitors for the Elderly, acting as a deputy for many clients and assisting others in their role as deputy.

My career highlight was setting up the dedicated and specialist Court of Protection department within the firm in 2007.