Professional Deputies  

If an individual has lost the capacity to make financial decisions for themselves without making a Power of Attorney, a Deputy can be appointed by the Court to manage their affairs. A friend or family member can be appointed as Deputy. However, in some cases, it is more appropriate for the Court to appoint a professional Deputy to manage a person’s property and financial affairs. This may be because of a high-value estate, complex financial or care arrangements, family dynamics or where there is no family or family are unable to act due to their own commitments.  

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Jackson Lees Trust Corporation 

At Jackson Lees, we have a Trust Corporation that acts in place of a singular professional Deputy. This is made up of nine trusted directors within the firm, who are all authorised to manage an individual’s financial affairs. The Head and Deputy Head of our Court of Protection department are two of the named directors and have many combined years of experience working with Court of Protection clients.

Appointing the Jackson Lees Trust Corporation as deputy gives a person and their loved ones the peace of mind that there will always be someone available to help when the need arises. Unlike appointing a named person as a Deputy, the use of the Jackson Lees Trust Corporation means that even in the event of a holiday, illness or someone leaving the firm entirely, there will always be other directors on hand to keep things running smoothly.

What does a Professional Deputy do?  

Professional Deputies will also be responsible for completing some administrative tasks to fulfil the person’s financial responsibilities and prove to the court their money is being spent correctly. These tasks can include:  

  • Completing tax returns and ensuring the right state benefits are being received 

  • Arranging the appointment of a care team, the purchase of a property or any special equipment the person may require 

  • Completing an annual report for the Office of the Public Guardian  

The team at Jackson Lees have a wealth of experience in dealing with the Court of Protection, Office of the Public Guardian, and Local Authorities and has links to professional contacts nationwide to ensure that our clients are best supported throughout their lifetime.  

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