Serious Injury Claims

A serious bodily or head injury can leave a victim with a wide range of symptoms. Depending upon the severity of the trauma, the effects are often more than just physical but also emotional, sensory or cognitive.

Regardless of the type of injury suffered, the immediate priority should be securing the highest standard of medical care and rehabilitation.

Our highly skilled solicitors have many years of experience in dealing with complex and high value cases arising from serious injuries.

It is recognised that:

  1. The majority of people sustaining a serious bodily, head or brain injury require extensive rehabilitation treatment
  2. Early rehabilitation will help a person with such an injury to attain the highest level of independence

We are able to provide a holistic package catered to your specific requirements and offer all the help, advice and support you will need to make your claim.

Where another party is responsible for causing such injuries, Jackson Lees can help the victim to regain former skills and obtain the highest level of independent functioning as well as to seek compensation for their injuries as well as past and future expenses.