Broudie Jackson Canter are experts in Crime & Prison Law. Established in 1960, Broudie Jackson Canter’s Crime & Prison Law department has a long and proud history of representing individuals in all kinds of criminal matters. If you are in urgent need of a criminal law solicitor to represent you, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Criminal Law Solicitors

We believe that everyone has the right to fair legal representation, no matter who they are or what they are accused of. With over 50 years of experience, you can rest assured that you will receive a first-class, professional service from our experts.

We can help you with all kinds of criminal matters, ranging from simple road traffic incidents, to benefit fraud, to serious crime. Our team has extensive experience with Criminal Law legislation and practice, ensuring our clients receive the best possible outcome.

We offer a complete legal service from arrest through to trial. This includes:

You may be invited to the police station for a voluntary interview, at a specified place and time. This kind of interview is becoming more and more common, and while it may seem much less severe than being arrested, the consequences are the same. If you have been invited for a voluntary interview by the police and are in need of assistance, our experts offer excellent police station advice.

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Our Crime Solicitors can also advise you in respect of interviews where the police are not involved, such as interviews at the Benefits Office and other Government Agencies. It is important that people are represented at an early stage in interviews regarding potential benefit fraud as it is essential to emphasise any defence at an early stage. We have a specialist Welfare Rights department that can advise you on your entitlement. Legal Aid is available for these interviews on a means tested basis.

Prison Law Solicitors

We also provide a full legal service to prisoners across the country. Going to prison can be a traumatic experience, and we do all we can to help prisoners work their way through the system and out. If you or a loved one is in prison, it is crucial to seek out legal support to ensure your best interests are being upheld and your human rights are not violated.

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There is every possibility as a prisoner that you may be moved from prison to prison throughout the course of your sentence. Broudie Jackson Canter’s dedicated Prison Law Solicitors have prison law advisers based throughout the country who can provide continuous legal support regardless of where you may be moved to.

Our Prison Law Solicitors provide legal advice and representation for the following:

  • Adjudications
  • Sentence planning
  • Progress of lifers through the prison system
  • Prison transfers
  • Re-categorisation

We provide help to all prisoners, regardless of sentence or conviction. We have a dedicated Women’s Prison Advisor and staff specialising in particular prison issues, including Parole Board reviews, written representation and advocacy, and more.

Why choose us?

Being the oldest department at Broudie Jackson Canter, our excellent reputation across the North West and beyond means that we are trusted by our clients to secure the best possible outcome. We have worked across the country in courtrooms, police stations and prisons to ensure that our clients have access to fair legal representation.

Broudie Jackson Canter is renowned for providing access to justice for all, at that remains at the core of everything we do. Fighting for your freedom and navigating the legal system is a daunting process. We’re here to make this process easier by advising you at ever stage of proceedings and offering continual support.

Client Testimonials

Rachel is honest, realistic and most importantly, reliable. I know exactly where I am with my case and what she's doing for me. Rachel is very easy to reach and always makes time to explain things to me clearly and honestly both over the phone and in writing.

Rachel Chapman, Prison Law Consultant

Thank you very much Vicki for all of your hard work you put into dealing with my case. My experience was very good, and the firm couldn't do anything better than they already do.

Vicki McLaughlin, Police Station Adviser

Chelsea was amazing, so glad I chose your company to represent me in court. I believe Chelsea's defence got me the best possible outcome. I was communicated with very well during the lead up to my court date and beyond. I cannot think of anything in relation to my case that could have been improved. I would not hesitate to recommend Broudie Jackson Canter to anyone.

Chelsea Kearns, Criminal Duty Solicitor

Been using them for over 20 years, says it all. Can say what I wanted/needed to do, and just leave it with them. Easy to get on the phone every time with any problem.

Rob Hill, Prison Law Adviser

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If you need help with your case, we’re here for you 24 hours a day. Get in touch with our Crime & Prison Law department on 0151 227 1429 for expert legal advice. Alternatively, if you or a loved one don’t have access to a phone, email us directly on enquiry@broudiejacksoncanter.co.uk or fill in our enquiry form.

You can also write to us at our Walker House office:

Prison Law Department, Broudie Jackson Canter, 3rd Floor, Walker House, Exchange Flags, Liverpool L2 3YL.