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Inquiries move quickly once they’re up and running and things can change very easily overnight. The Covid Inquiry will be no different. It is important that we maintain regular communication with our clients to inform them of these important updates so that nobody is left feeling confused or left out.

We have been keeping up regular communications with our Covid Inquiry clients and the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice group through a mix of newsletters and live webinar sessions, all of which are available for you to read.

There is some very important information within these newsletters that relates to the process of the Inquiry, how we expect it to run, what we hope for it to cover in the Terms of Reference and much more. If you have, or are thinking about, instructing us as your legal representation, we recommend you take some time to read through the communications to answer any questions you may have at this difficult time.


Our client newsletters and webinars have been published openly as there is nothing confidential to communicate at this stage. Once the Inquiry process officially starts or there is a need for confidentiality, these client group communications will become private.

Where to find more information

If you have lost a loved one to Covid-19, you have a right to be part of the public inquiry process. There is strength in numbers so that as a group we can apply pressure to the Government and the Inquiry. We represent our Covid Inquiry clients pro bono, this means at no cost or financial commitment to you. Visit our Covid Inquiry FAQ page for answers to some of our commonly asked questions surrounding the Inquiry, next steps, how to instruct free legal representation and more.

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