Collaborative Law

If you are going through a relationship breakdown from your partner, Collaborative Law is a method that seeks to resolve your differences in an amicable and positive way without the need for Court proceedings. It can help to limit the stress of your separation and protect any children involved.

Jackson Lees can offer the Family Law services of Tom Fisher who is a Collaborative Law expert.

The Collaborative Law Process

You and your former partner will each select a lawyer to represent you throughout the Collaborative Law process. All four of you will sign an agreement that outlines your commitment to an amicable resolution outside the courtroom.

Instead of conducting negotiations by letter or telephone, all parties will work things out in face to face meetings, with your solicitor providing support and guidance throughout.

Collaborative lawyers have a duty to limit the level of acrimony between the two parties, while as ever in Divorce proceedings the needs of the children are paramount. Your Collaborative lawyer would not be able to represent you if your divorce proceedings went to Court, so it is in their best interests to help you reach a satisfactory conclusion using Collaborative Law.

Benefits of Collaborative Law

Unlike Court proceedings, the Collaborative Law process is not subject to time restrictions. This allows you to proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you and your former partner, drawing up agreements on issues such as your finances and children in a way that allows both sides to put forward their views.

Your Collaborative Law solicitor will be able to provide practical legal guidance and documentation that will help to facilitate any agreements that you and your former partner reach together.

In Tom’s experience, there are many advantages to choosing Collaborative Law. He comments: “One of the main benefits of the Collaborative approach as opposed to traditional Court proceedings is that positive signals are given to children who benefit from knowing that their parents are working out their differences together in a constructive manner.”

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Collaborative Law is just one of many options available to couples whose relationship has ended.

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