Law for Unmarried Couples

Statistics suggest there is a growing trend for couples to remain unmarried and live together as cohabiters rather than getting married.

While many unmarried couples believe that living together for a long time or having children will mean they automatically gain similar rights to married people, this is not the case. Regardless of the length of time a relationship lasts, there are few legal rights for unmarried couples.

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Legal Documents for Unmarried Couples

There are three documents that unmarried couples can use in order to provide themselves with some form of legal protection.

  1. Prenuptial Agreement – if you are considering marriage and would like to protect your assets, a Prenuptial Agreement is a good option used in many relationships.
  2. Living Together Agreement – if you are not getting married but still thinking of moving in with your loved one, a Living Together Agreement could help you protect your assets.
  3. Separation Deed – if your relationship has sadly ended and you would like to resolve your financial issues as amicably as possible, a Separation Deed will help you achieve this.

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