Accountant Negligence

Accountants advise their clients on a wide range of financial matters and, if you have suffered financial loss as a result of their poor guidance, you may be entitled to make an accountant negligence claim.

Some examples of accountant negligence could be:

  1. Incorrectly drawing up accounts
  2. Incorrectly valuing assets
  3. Providing incorrect tax advice
  4. Missing deadlines
  5. Failure to detect fraud when auditing company assets

Businesses may seek the advice of an accountant to improve profitability or to assist with major organisational changes. Accountants may also be appointed to act as attorney for their client, or be instructed to administer an estate.

As a result of this broadening field of expertise, there is now considerable scope for professional liability in the event that an accountant’s duty of care has been breached.

How do I Make an Accountant Negligence Claim?

Before bringing a Professional Negligence claim, it is worth exploring the alternatives to court action.

If these options can’t resolve your complaint, Jackson Lees will assess the case to determine whether your claim is viable. If we think your case is suitable, we may be able to act on your behalf under a conditional fee agreement.

What Happens if Your Claim is Worth Less Than £10,000?

Jackson Lees do not accept claims that are worth less than £10,000. Claims of this value are dealt with through the ‘small claims’ court. It’s a simplified procedure allowing parties to represent themselves. You generally will not be able to recover legal fees if your claim is successful.

Clients in these cases tend to want to keep their legal fees low and may only wish to receive minimal help from a lawyer. We feel this poses a risk that we will not have all the necessary details to offer valuable advice in these matters.

Get Advice From Jackson Lees Solicitors

If you believe you are a victim of accountant or financial adviser Negligence, call Jackson Lees on 0151 282 1700 to discuss the possibility of a compensation claim.