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When turning to a professional, there’s a standard that we should (rightfully) expect of the service we’ll receive. So, what happens when their actions or advice fall short of that?

If the actions of a professional have caused you to suffer financially, our Professional Negligence Team can help you see if you can file a compensation claim to help make up for any mistakes made.  Our specialists have extensive knowledge of Disputes concerning professional negligence and will work closely with you to explore all your options.

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Types of Professional Negligence

If a professional breaches their duty of care or fails to perform their duties to the required standard, that is Professional Negligence. A Professional Negligence claim can be made against any professional that is considered to have expertise in the service they are providing.

For example, if you entrusted a financial advisor or accountant to advise you on your financial affairs, or those of your company, and have been left out of pocket after taking their advice, you may have a claim for Accountant or Financial Negligence. Or maybe you trusted a lawyer to handle your house Conveyancing and they fail to spot a major problem? We can help you work out if you have a Solicitor Negligence claim.

Other cases our Professional Negligence Solicitors can help with include:

At Jackson Lees, we understand how distressing it can be when you are let down by a professional you felt you should have been able to trust, especially when it impacts your finances. That’s why our team of experts are committed to helping you get the best outcome possible.

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What if my claim is worth less than £10,000?

Unfortunately, Jackson Lees are unable to accept Professional Negligence claims worth less than £10,000, as these matters would generally be allocated to the “small claims” track in the County Court. This track is designed for Claimants to represent themselves, and it is unlikely you’d be able to recover your legal fees.

Because of this, we want to ensure that small claims clients keep their legal fees to a minimum, and by accepting claims worth less than £10,000 we’d pose too great a risk to the client, as we could not take on such a case without fees becoming disproportionate.

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If you have been the victim of Professional Negligence, our committed team of experts are on hand and may be able to help you recover damages from the financial loss you have suffered. To speak to one of our team, call us now, make an enquiry or request a callback and someone will be in touch soon.

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