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It’s a sad fact of life that sometimes marriages break down. If you’re in this situation and need support then our friendly, efficient but sensitive divorce lawyers will make sure you know where you stand. 

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How to get a 'no fault' Divorce

The process of getting a divorce was updated in 2022.  Whilst all cases vary, the process can now be completed online, with no need for either party to attend court.

With the introduction of the ‘no fault’ divorce law, it will take a minimum of 26 weeks to complete the divorce process.  That said, in cases where financial issues or arrangements for children need to be resolved it can take longer. 

Whatever your situation, when you choose Jackson Lees, then you can rest assured that our Liverpool & Wirral based family lawyers are here to support you.

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You’ll now go through a five-step process to get your divorce finalised:

  1. The Application

Under the new system either an individual or both partners jointly can now apply for a divorce.  The Applicant or Applicants apply to the court with all the relevant details.  We can help you complete this part of the process, which is now painless, fast and simple as it happens entirely online.

You no longer have cite a legal ground for divorce, meaning that you and your partner can separate without having to blame the other person.  It’s called a ‘no blame’ divorce and this development alone is predicted to make the whole process of divorce much less stressful.

The court receives the application online, along with the court fee.  If you need to make special arrangements for children, then we’re happy to offer advice and help with those if necessary.

  1. A 20-week period to allow detailed arrangements to be made

Once the application for a divorce has been made, you’ll then need to wait a minimum of 20 weeks before the court makes a conditional order. This is to allow time for any disputed proceedings to take place or for productive and amicable conversations around matrimonial finances and arrangements for children.

  1. Conditional order

After that 20-week period you’ll receive a conditional order from the court, which contains the full details of the divorce.  If there have been any disputed proceedings, then we’ll check that order with you to make sure everything is as it should be.

  1. A 6 week ‘conditional order to final order’ period

From the day the conditional order is received there is then a further six-week period to allow for final arrangements to be made.  If either applicant has any issues with the conditional order, then this period may be extended.  Either way, our experienced divorce lawyers will be with you throughout, to protect your position.

  1. The Final order

Assuming everything is agreed, after a minimum of 26 weeks, a final order will be made.  At this point the divorce process is complete.

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