Separation Agreement

A Separation Agreement may be appropriate in cases where separating couples wish to resolve their financial issues but do not want to get divorced immediately.

This is a written agreement that is not legally binding, but will record that the parties are separated and outline any agreement reached in relation to issues such as finances or property.

The Family Law experts at Jackson Lees have all the knowledge and experience necessary to help with these matters.

Preparing your Separation Agreement

There may be a number of reasons for seeking a Separation Agreement, from religious reasons that preclude divorce to couples simply wanting more time to evaluate the situation and decide if they want to proceed with a divorce.

Having an agreement in writing can provide you with valuable peace of mind while you consider what your next step will be.

It does require a large degree of co-operation from both parties if you are to proceed and agree on matters throughout this process.

Consulting an experienced solicitor is vital, as you may find yourselves in difficulty further down the line unless the legal standing of your relationship is made clear.

A Separation Agreement can confirm what the couple have agreed to on a variety of subjects, including:

  1. Money Issues
  2. Their children
  3. How and when they will subsequently divorce

They can then confirm that the terms of the Separation Deed will be legally binding and made into a Court Order when a divorce is eventually finalised.

Jackson Lees can usually draft your agreement on a fixed-fee basis. However, in some cases this may not be suitable and it will be necessary to apply an hourly rate.

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