PI Claims 

Often an Injury at work, in a public place or a road traffic accident will leave you with not only pain and suffering, but medical bills and unplanned expenses. With over 50 years experience, our Liverpool based Personal Injury solicitors are here to help you get back on your feet.

Personal Injury Solicitors

In exchange for choosing us we will explore your options and how we can help you personally; at Jackson Lees you are treated as a person, not a file number. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide all our clients with the same-day-response promise.

We will have you assessed by the correct medical expert, bypassing the NHS waiting list and ensuring that any future treatments such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy due to your complications, are covered at no cost to you.    

Personal Injury Claims

We offer a no win, no fee service. If you win, the most you will pay us is 25% of the compensation you receive. We will ensure your compensation includes any loss in wages, overtime and bonuses caused by your injury.  

Make A Personal Injury Claim

You can find more information in our practical guide or you can contact our Liverpool Lawyers or Wirral Lawyers on 0151 282 1700 to receive your free, no obligation, personalised quote.