Understanding financing and security for your business

Our lawyers can help you through the various steps in securing investment for your business. Investment might come in the form of a loan (perhaps a bank loan or a loan from a shareholder or director) or it might come as an equity investment (that is not going to be repaid) in return for shares in the business.

We have particular experience in advising businesses that have been offered equity investment by funding bodies or private investors.

Advice on Loan documents and Security

Whether you are the investor or the party receiving the investment, you’ll need to think about the terms of the loan and whether the lender wants their investment secured.

This could be a personal guarantee, a debenture, a legal charge over property or some other form of security. We can advise on the terms of the Loan Agreement and the Security documents.

Getting clear advice on the terms of the loan and any security documents is vital to ensure all risks and liabilities are fully understood before you sign up for any loan arrangement.

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Help with Contracts

As part of an investment, a lender might require a business to deal with a myriad of other agreements including a Shareholders Agreement and/or Service Contracts /Contract of Employment. These will need to be reviewed carefully to ensure the business is properly protected.

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