In this case study Rebecca Zadi-Lowe, a solicitor in our Civil & Commercial Litigation team, discusses the details of a harassment claim in which we fought against and won for our client. The case started when a neighbour filed an application for an injunction against our client under the Protection from Harassment Act (1997). We stepped in to help defend the harassment claim as he denied that he had ever harassed his neighbour.

The neighbour was accusing our client of numerous allegations such as: discriminating the claimant’s family and their disabilities, making malicious complaints to their local housing association, being involved in a physical altercation with the claimant’s mother, invasion of privacy, and being abusive to the claimant’s young family.

Our client needed help to defend the harassment claim against him as he had never done any of the things he was accused of. He came to us just before the defence was due, so it was important for us to act quick and get the defence drafted and filed in time. Our client was in shock that his neighbour had ever made this claim against him. In the defence, all allegations were denied in full.

After we filed the defence, the claimant failed to comply with a Court order for a second time, so I advised our client that we could make an application to the Court and ask that the claim be struck out due to the Claimant’s failure to comply.

After the Defence had been filed and served, the case was listed for a case management hearing, and we helped the client prepare for this. We instructed a barrister to represent our client and made the application to strike out the claim, whilst asking for the application to be heard at the hearing.  At the hearing, the judge struck out the claim and ordered the Claimant to pay our client’s legal costs.

No one should have to endure what our client went through and suffer the accusations he did, and we were so pleased that we could make a positive difference and help him through this. Now that the claim has been struck out, he no longer has to deal with the stress and worry and can get on with his life.

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