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Human Rights Violation

The Human Rights Act 1998 is an important Law that protects us all from a range of abuses by public bodies by putting into UK law the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Act can help whether your human rights have been violated by the Police, Immigration Services, the NHS, Prison Services, Army or any other public body.

The government is threatening to abolish the Human Rights Act 1998 and this would be a disaster for everyone - whether this is recognised or not. We have been able to use the act and the connected European Convention of Human Rights to get the right results for our clients.

The Act enshrines in UK Law a number of fundamental Rights ranging from the Right to life to freedom to enjoy your own property and the government has established an Equality and Human Rights Commission which monitors the application of the act and seeks to eliminate discrimination. Its website gives a full list of the Rights protected by the Law.

There are a variety of situations where we can help you to get compensation for Human Rights violations or inhuman treatment. Many cases involve the police such as:

  • Causing the death of a member of your family.
  • Entering your home even if the Police have a warrant
  • Using illegal force to extract information during a police interview.
  • Detaining you without a lawful reason.
  • Interfering with the process of justice, such planting evidence.
  • Unlawfully conducting a strip search.
  • Illegally interfering with your right to protest.

The Prison Service and parole board can also be pursued in claims for violation of Human Rights, for instance when there are unreasonable delays to parole board hearings or by a parole board officer which lead to a delay in release from Prison.

The Rights under the Act also extend to international Human Rights violations. You can bring a claim under the Act, for instance, for torture overseas if there was UK involvement.

We have experience of bringing cases for Breaches of the Right to life, inhuman and degrading treatment, unlawful detention and the right to private life.

As well as compensation, you can also gain protection from further violations of your basic Human Rights or the court may make an order requiring a public body to take action for you.

If you believe your Human Rights have been violated, please get in touch today.