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Wills Negligence

A Will sets out the terms on which the maker’s estate is to be administered after their death and as such it is a document of vital importance. A Valid Will gives peace of mind to the maker, and financial benefit to whoever is named as a beneficiary.

An invalid Will may be a disaster. The maker’s wishes may not be fulfilled, and an intended beneficiary may lose some or all of the benefit that was intended for them.

The same applies to a valid Will that in fact is defective in some way usually through poor drafting or a misunderstanding of the maker’s wishes.

If this is rectified while the maker is alive then no harm is done, but it is often the case that a problem is discovered only after the maker has died.

If a Will defect is due to the Negligence of the Solicitor who drafted the Will, and that defect has caused financial loss to the beneficiary, then our Dispute Resolution Team can help you recover your losses.